Top 6 YouTube Channels For Aspiring Freelancers

The more you learn, the more you earn.

Farwa Baloch
6 min readOct 13, 2021

Freelancing is very similar to business.

The secret to accelerating your freelance business is upgrading your skills regarding your services from time to time. Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished freelancer, it’s highly recommended.

However, within a sea of paid courses, e-books, podcasts promising to teach you freelancing it can be hard to navigate, especially for a newbie freelancer, which resource is the best.

In the past few years, YouTube has emerged as one of the best platforms to master almost any skill. This educational platform is a hub of knowledge where learning meets fun. Now whether you want to learn from zero or brush up on your freelance skills, I believe, without a doubt, that YouTube has to be the most reliable resource out there.

You will agree that click baits are pretty common on YouTube. A downside for keen learners finding authentic content. Therefore, I took out some time to find the best YouTube channels that offer the most authentic freelance content. And guess what? I did come across some awesome channels.

In this post, I will help you find the top 6 YouTube channels that make freelance learning easy and fun. Let’s get started!

For Graphic Design And Logo Design: Satori Graphic

Kicking things off is the Satori Graphics YouTube channel hosted by Tom Cargill. With over 700k subscribers, almost 800 videos, Tom has been providing excellent tutorials on digital design skills for over a decade now.

He offers graphic design theory, logo design, poster design, speed art and so much more. While his main focus remains Adobe Illustrator design, he also shares some Adobe InDesign and Photoshop graphic design tutorials. Moreover, he often shares free fonts and designs with his subscribers.

For Copywriting: Alex Cattoni

Next is Alex Cattoni who is a successful copywriter, entrepreneur, and founder of Copy Posse.

On her YouTube channel, Alex talks about copywriting, digital marketing strategies that can help you grow your business and other writing-related content that you don’t want to miss. What makes her stand out is the refreshingly fun yet insightful content she comes up with.

As the channel tagline says if you want hot copywriting and marketing tips to ignite your business make sure to check out her YouTube channel.

For Web Design And Development: The Net Ninja

If you are interested in web designing and development, The Net Ninja is your go-to channel. This YouTube channel is hosted by Shaun Pelling, a full-stack web developer, and online instructor. Shaun has been coding since the age of 15, half his life. Isn’t it amazing?

In his 1.7K videos on his channel, Shaun has covered a wide variety of topics which includes programming languages and frameworks like Modern JavaScript, Node.js, React, Vue.js, HTML & CSS, and so much more. What else? You will find playlist after playlist on literally each programming language and framework.

For Content Writing: Elna Writes

Elna Cain is a passionate full-time writer/blogger who publishes content that answers all the questions a newbie content writer wants an answer to. From showing how to write a cover letter to teaching pitching strategies, Elna explains content writing from A to Z. Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished writer, I can assure you of learning something new.

For Business, Marketing, And Sales: The Futur

With 1.5 million-plus subscribers, The Futur YouTube channel belongs to a group of professional educators that help creative entrepreneurs with learning business, marketing, and sales. They also provide over 20 courses from which more than 12,000 people have benefited.

This channel is ideal for those who are interested in creative skills like Logo & Graphic Design, UX/UI design, Business Fundamentals like branding, marketing, and content creation as well as personal development programs like productivity.

This channel has something for everyone, be it an entrepreneur or a logo designer, a newbie, or an expert. In fact, as a content writer, I have been able to excel at some very crucial soft skills like negotiation. All thanks to The Futur!

For SEO Learning: Brian Dean

Want to become an SEO expert? Then, Brian Dean’s channel is your destination.

Brian is an American entrepreneur, founder of Backlinco, and SEO professional. His videos focus on SEO, link building, and marketing strategies. Brian Dean and SEO is a match made in heaven. For a set of practices that is ever-shifting and tricky, this SEO genius, as called by the Entrepreneur, presents every concept in a way that makes it easier to follow. Check out his channel for the latest SEO and marketing strategies.

YouTube vs Other Tools

Since the past few years, people have shown a higher preference for visual learning over other educational resources like print books. I, too, personally prefer content available on YouTube as it is straightforward and easily digestible.

Moreover, visual learning brings an element of engagement that I believe reading doesn’t offer when it comes to freelancing content.

Lastly, it’s free! Do I need to say more?

However, it’s my personal opinion. If you think that YouTube is not for you then you can go for other education tools. There are pros and cons to every learning tool, what matters is that you stick to one that fits your requirements.

Bonus Tip

Save up your time and energy with the playlist feature that YouTube offers. Every YouTuber I’ve mentioned has playlists to categorize videos based on the topic.

You can also set up your personalized playlist. Just search for your service or a particular topic regarding it, select the videos that best explain that topic, put them in your personalized playlist, and you’re good to go.

Next time you want to watch a video, it’s just one click away. Thank me later!

Finishing Up

Acquiring knowledge from the right resource is very important. Freelancing content on YouTube is gold. Why? Because it’s easily accessible and free. So why not take its full advantage?

I hope this post was helpful for all aspiring freelancers.

So which channel you’ll check out to level up your freelance skills?

Or maybe I didn’t mention your favorite YouTuber.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.



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