Hey, Medium! The Flood-Stricken People of Pakistan Need Your Help

Farwa Baloch
3 min readAug 26, 2022


At least 1,000 people have died including 343 children and 191 women.

A family moving with their possessions amid devasting mid-summer floods in Jamshoro, Pakistan REUTERS/Yasir Rajput

Every year monsoon rains hit Pakistan from the month of July to September bringing prosperity to the poor, and subtle entertainment to the rich. However, this year, the mid-summer rains have brought havoc across Asia; especially in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. The ongoing heavy rains and floods have severely impacted Balochistan(360,000 people), Sindh(436,000 people), and South Punjab(119,000 people) provinces within three weeks.

Situation Overview

According to officials, over 1 million people across Pakistan are reportedly impacted, displacing around 300,000 of them. Significant damage has been done to 60,000 homes leaving people homeless and starving. According to Pakistan’s National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), nearly 937 people have died including 343 children and 191 women.

Many reputed organizations like Edhi and Chhipa are doing their part, and people from all across the country are also volunteering to help. On Wednesday, the Climate Change Minister of Pakistan, Shireen Mazari, revealed that the government is taking effective measures to ensure disaster management but the current resources are not enough to defeat this massive chaos. Hence, you should make your contribution by donating to the flood-affected people of Pakistan. Below are the 5 NGOs working day and night that you can donate to:


This organization is collecting funds for Lasbela which has been cut off from the outside world for the previous three days, both by road and by phone. You can donate here:

2. JDC Welfare Foundation of Pakistan

JDC is one of the top NGOs working for flood relief in Sindh, Balochistan, and Punjab. You can contact them online:


3. Alkhidmat Foundation

As always Alkhidmat foundation’s work for disaster management is commendable as they are working tirelessly for the flood victims. You can donate here:

4. Ummah Charity International

It’s collecting donations from overseas Pakistanis to help the flood victims from Balochistan. To donate, visit their website, get connected online, or call at Tel: 0208 903 8944.


BRSP is one of the largest organizations in Balochistan and a member of a larger network of Rural support programs in Pakistan. You can donate here:

Land a helping hand to the people of Pakistan in these hard times. Donate generously and share these links!



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